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After being stuck at our homes for the first half of the year avoiding human contact, we’ve all experienced a growing need to be in physical contact with each other. During the hot summer days, beaches, restaurants and nightclubs have been filled with happy people. Mentally, the summer has been good for many of us but the contact with other people has had a negative impact on the management of the corona pandemic.

Society and healthcare organizations have begun to prepare for the arrival of the second wave of the pandemic. Discussions around travel restrictions have begun, working from home is again recommended, testing capacity has been increased, and crisis plans have been updated. Here’s a short recap of how healthcare organizations can prepare themselves for the second wave of the pandemic, with the help of Axel:

1. Mobile check-in to queues or appointments

Axel Encounter’s mobile web application eliminates the need to use a self-service device and reduces the need to deal with reception staff. Our mobile features prevent patients from catching infectious diseases while saving the healthcare resources from being tied to support-related tasks. The mobile check-in web application is part of Axel Encounter, it’s easy to deploy and it works in all modern smartphones without any extra apps or plugins.

2. Mobile call in

In crowded lobbies and waiting rooms, it’s not always possible to distinguish healthy people from people who have already been exposed to the virus and to maintain a safe distance. Thanks to Axel’s mobile check-in solution, patients no longer have to wait in the same lobby, which decreases the risk of catching infectious diseases. Patients receive information on their visit and a call in notification on their mobile devices, which means that they can wait for their turn wherever they like and keep a safe distance to other patients.

3. Tracing contacts

Axel can be used to determine patients who have been exposed to the virus and patients who may have been in a particular lobby with them at the same time. In addition, with the help of Axel, it’s possible to find out for how long this exposure has lasted. Many of our customers used this part of our service effectively during the first wave of COVID-19.

4. Contactless kiosk

Axel Encounter’s self-service kiosks can be easily configured to operate touch-free. To check in to an appointment, the patient only needs to show the barcode on their ID card or invitation letter to the device. This reduces exposure to viruses and the need to disinfect the device.

Coronavirus infections can be prevented by maintaining good hand hygiene and by avoiding close contact with other people. With the help of Axel, these common guidelines can also be implemented in healthcare organizations. Read more and prepare for the second wave of the epidemic well in advance.

Ilari Laaksonen

Author: Ilari Laaksonen

CEO, Axel Health