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E-guide | Digitalizing patient flow management

Many healthcare organizations ponder how to improve the flow of information and time management of both healthcare professionals and patients, while ensuring good patient experience. This e-guide explains why it pays off to digitalize patient flow management, which factors to take into account, and how to choose the right solution. It also offers you a roadmap for your journey toward implementing your chosen solution.


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E-guide 2025 Customer experience in healthcare

Health technologies, such as mobile applications, self-service, and telecare, are emerging as ways to reduce the staff’s
workload and improve customer experience. Download our e-guide, prepared together with industry experts, where we delve into the future of customer experience from various perspectives.


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E-guide | Towards comprehensive control in healthcare production management

Healthcare professionals need efficient and intuitive digital tools that help them focus on meaningful work and respond
quickly to changing situations. Download our e-guide where we delve into the problems of healthcare from a production perspective.


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