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3 minutes

Benefits of patient flow management in numbers, part 1

What are the key reasons for our customers to implement Axel? The answer is divided in two - for the soft and hard...

2 minutes

How to be prepared for the second wave of the pandemic in healthcare organizations?

After being stuck at our homes for the first half of the year avoiding human contact, we’ve all experienced a growing...

3 minutes

What are the benefits of mobile check-in compared to traditional self-service kiosks?

In many healthcare organizations, self check-in to appointments has become a daily routine. Self check-in has clear...

1 minutes

Excel is dead, long live Axel!

Excel is used for various purposes in business processes all around the world. This classic solution is very flexible,...

4 minutes

10 methods to enhance treatment experience with automation

The idea of digitalization, automation and self-service solutions is to reduce employee's workload and routine tasks...