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1 minutes

Digital transformation in healthcare: A path to enhanced patient care

As we explore cost-saving strategies in the healthcare sector, it's crucial to recognize the role of digital technology...

2 minutes

Benefits of digital door displays in outpatient care settings

Digital door displays have become increasingly popular in conference rooms over the past decade. These displays make it...

1 minutes

Why self-service payments make sense in healthcare

Patient fees can be a complex matter, no matter whether you're dealing with a private or public healthcare provider....

1 minutes

Revolutionizing healthcare resource planning: The AI advantage

In the modern healthcare sector, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is playing a pivotal role in transforming various...

2 minutes

Cut costs! 3 tips for cost savings in healthcare

Public healthcare funding is facing challenges. In Finland, the Act on funding of wellbeing services counties makes the...

2 minutes

7 essential tips for healthcare organizations tendering new patient flow management solutions in Sweden

In Sweden, the digital transformation of healthcare is gaining momentum, and patient flow management is a common...

2 minutes

Enhancing emergency operations through accurate reporting

Automation and digitalization bring remarkable benefits and improvements to emergency services. They're not just...

2 minutes

The role of automation in emergency departments post-triage

Automation in hospital emergency departments brings significant benefits to both patients and healthcare professionals....

4 minutes

How automation can help emergency units improve efficiency and patient experience

Emergency units in hospitals are often busy and chaotic environments where patients require prompt attention for a wide...