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2 minutes

Enhancing emergency operations through accurate reporting

Automation and digitalization bring remarkable benefits and improvements to emergency services. They're not just...

2 minutes

The role of automation in emergency departments post-triage

Automation in hospital emergency departments brings significant benefits to both patients and healthcare professionals....

4 minutes

How automation can help emergency units improve efficiency and patient experience

Emergency units in hospitals are often busy and chaotic environments where patients require prompt attention for a wide...

4 minutes

How can healthcare organizations make the best use of digital tools?

In many countries, healthcare organizations have hard times ahead because of the issues in their current healthcare...

1 minutes

The ABC of optimization in healthcare service production

Do you know what computers are good at? Computing. Do you know what optimization is? A mathematical problem. 


4 minutes

What makes an outstanding patient experience in 2022?

Mentally, a patient's path begins already at home, when they receive an appointment reminder or an invitation letter...

1 minutes

Tips and tricks for healthcare: How to avoid pitfalls in healthcare IT projects

Almost on a daily basis, we get to read about failed healthcare IT projects in various media. The problem is global....

2 minutes

Four excellent reasons to replace Excel in healthcare resource management

Shift.xlsx, annual plan.xls, resource planning Excel, mighty Excel, smart Excel... The world revolves around...

2 minutes

Benefits of patient flow management in numbers, part 3

In my previous blog posts, I wrote about the benefits of patient flow management in terms of numbers. In part 1, I...