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Axel Encounter makes patient journeys smoother and streamlines patient flow management



Patient checks in at a self-service kiosk

Axel Encounter makes patient visits smoother and reduces the stress and rush experienced by healthcare personnel. It guides and instructs patients and healthcare professionals through all steps of the visit.

Patient visit

Great reasons to choose Axel Encounter

Patient checks in

For patients

Smooth visits and clear guidance provided by Axel devices and patients' mobile devices

Healthcare professional at work

For healthcare professionals

Better visibility to patient flow with less routine tasks


For healthcare organizations

Cost savings, reduced idle time, and smoother processes through automation

How does Axel Encounter work?

Axel Encounter's self check-in and payment solutions reduce the stress and rush faced by healthcare professionals and provide patients with a smooth and pleasant patient experience

Patients use a self-service kiosk for checking in, but they can also use the kiosk for many other purposes, for example, to check and update their contact information, fill out medical questionnaires, ask for help, and even make payments with an attached payment terminal. After the check-in, the patient gets a printout that contains the appointment details, a visit or queue number, and guidance to the correct waiting lobby.

Axel delights young patients with avatars, playful and colorful virtual characters.  Avatars offer guidance and information to young patients and they also play a key role when the staff calls patients in. 

Self check-in at a kiosk

Patients can also use the Axel mobile web application to check into an appointment or to enroll in a queue. If they check in using strong identification, they also have the option to pay for their reservations. The application guides the patients throughout their visit. Using the application is simple – it works on the mobile phone's web browser, so there's no need to download a separate mobile app. 

Mobile check-in flow

Healthcare professionals have their own view for real-time monitoring of patient flow. They can view the appointment list of the day at a glance and call patients in with just one mouse click. The call in details are displayed on the info displays and door displays of the waiting lobby. Axel reacts to changing situations in real time keeping the guidance and appointment details always up to date. 

Professional's View
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See how it works

Watch our short animation to learn how Axel Encounter makes patient visits smoother and supports healthcare professionals' work.

Agile solution that scales with your needs

Patient checks in at a kiosk

Individually excellent, paramount together

Encounter's self-service functions, patient flow management, and patient guidance adapt seamlessly to plans done in Planner. When patients check in at a self-service kiosk or using their mobile device, they know immediately if they are in the correct waiting lobby or if they should go to another lobby. 

In addition, door displays and info displays provide patients with real-time, planning-based guidance. Encounter knows which rooms have been booked for each resource and it can automatically suggest a suitable room to a healthcare professional.  

Implementation options


We have years of experience in optimizing the operations of healthcare organizations and in solving their challenges. No matter whether we work with a private clinic, health center, university hospital, or some other healthcare provider, the final solution always matches the needs of our customers.

Our service model contains all the required devices delivered and installed onsite. The service contains devices, servers, integrations, support, maintenance, and new versions of the applications. Axel can be installed onsite or as a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution.

Integrations to other systems


Axel is a modular solution that can be easily integrated with other systems. Systems that are typically integrated with Axel are patient management systems, radiology and laboratory information systems, and various web-based appointment scheduling systems, but we also do other integrations based on our customers’ needs.

We cooperate with other providers and customers' IT and admin staff to set up well-functioning procedures, configurations, and processes.

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