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Axel Planner transforms the efficiency of your organization


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Axel Planner enhances resource scheduling and room allocation of outpatient units and improves the room utilization rate. It also helps organizations automate and optimize their room planning. In addition, Planner helps in guiding patients to the right locations dynamically, based on room and resource assignments.

Planning process

Great reasons to choose Axel Planner

Patient checks in

For patients

Patient guidance is based on room and resource assignments, which enables patients to always find up-to-the-minute visit details or guidance on their smartphone or on the kiosk.

Professional at work

For healthcare professionals

When the consulting hours are imported from a backend system and rooms are assigned automatically, healthcare professionals are able to focus on more meaningful tasks.

Healthcare organization

For healthcare organizations

Automated room optimization increases the efficiency of room usage in healthcare organizations.

Intuitive tools for planning, management, and monitoring

Axel Planner helps healthcare professionals get rid of paper calendars, Excel sheets, and other manual scheduling and coordination systems. Planner knows exactly what kind of activities are planned for the organization's consulting hours, where they are located, and when they will start and end. All the staff members know where their colleagues work at a given time.  

With the shift planning tool, scheduling all the resources of an organization is effortless. Efficient capacity planning can be done based on the organization's needs. With Planner, it's also possible to plan the content of consulting hours and make sure that suitable facilities and devices are available for all professionals. Planning templates allow scheduling consulting hours for multiple weeks at a time, which saves time for other work. The consulting hours can be linked to room bookings and integrated with other systems. It's also possible to import consulting hours automatically from a backend system to Planner.

Shift planning dashboard

Automated room assignment helps place time blocks, which are either imported to Planner or created there, into suitable rooms. Room bookings are done based on optimization rules during a predefined planning period. It's also possible to manually update the automatically created room assignments after the optimization.  

Automated room assignment

The room monitoring tool makes it easy to search for free rooms and to monitor the reservation status of all the rooms in an organization in real time. Rooms can be booked with one mouse click and switching rooms is also easy – Axel will guide the patients to the correct room automatically. 


Room Monitor view

Eager to learn more about Axel Planner?

Would you like to know how room planning works in practice and how the room utilization rate can be increased with automated room optimization? 

Watch our case video to learn how Axel Planner is used in the New Children's Hospital in Helsinki. 

If you want to know even more about Planner, click the link below to download the full subtitled on-demand webinar.


Watch on-demand webinar


Agile solution that scales with your needs

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Individually excellent, paramount together

Encounter's self-service functions, patient flow management, and patient guidance adapt seamlessly to plans done in Planner. When patients check in at a self-service kiosk or using their mobile device, they know immediately if they are in the correct waiting lobby or if they should go to another lobby. 

In addition, door displays and info displays provide patients with real-time, planning-based guidance. Encounter knows which rooms have been booked for each resource and it can automatically suggest a suitable room to a healthcare professional.  

Installation options


We have years of experience in optimizing the operations of healthcare organizations and in solving their challenges. No matter whether we work with a private clinic, health center, university hospital, or some other healthcare provider, the final solution always matches the needs of our customers.

Our service model contains all the required devices delivered and installed onsite. The service contains devices, servers, integrations, support, maintenance, and new versions of the applications. Axel can be installed onsite or as a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution.

Integrations to other systems


Axel is a modular solution that can be easily integrated with other systems. Systems that are typically integrated with Axel are patient management systems, radiology and laboratory information systems, and various web-based appointment scheduling systems, but we also do other integrations based on our customers’ needs.

We cooperate with other providers and customers' IT and admin staff to set up well-functioning procedures, configurations, and processes.


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