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We understand the needs of healthcare organizations

Healthcare professional and patient

Enable smoother patient experiences with self-service solutions and versatile guidance

Our self-service solutions ensure smoother patient experience and reduce the stress and rush of the healthcare personnel. Patients can check in to their appointments or queues at a self-service kiosk or using their smartphones. We help patients and healthcare personnel encounter effortlessly at the right place and at the right time, thus reducing the sense of urgency, uncertainty, and stress caused by long waiting times. Kiosks, printouts, signs, info displays, and door displays help patients find their way to the correct location. In Axel Encounter, the personnel have a view of their own for monitoring patient flows and for managing treatments in real time. 


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Self check-in at a kiosk and with a mobile device

Plan and schedule efficiently

Our planning and scheduling tools support many types of planning activities. With Axel Planner tools, scheduling all the resources in the organization and planning the work shifts happens quickly and saves valuable time. We also support automated room assignments for work shifts. Work shifts can be imported from an external system and they can be automatically assigned to suitable rooms using organization-specific optimization rules. 


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Example of shift planning


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