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Digital door displays have become increasingly popular in conference rooms over the past decade. These displays make it easy to see when and for whom a room is booked, and making new room bookings is a breeze. Did you know that similar door displays are also used in healthcare, especially in outpatient settings? In healthcare settings, digital door displays provide a variety of benefits, and I will explore four key benefits in more detail:

1. Increased flexibility in room utilization

In many medical centers and clinics, a secretary typically changes the nameplates of the attending staff next to the doors in the mornings and throughout the day. This task can be easily managed through a centralized room booking system integrated with the displays. From the door display screen, you can easily see who is currently in the room.

2. Patients easily find their way to the right location

In healthcare services, presenting call in numbers on info displays is a common practice. In large health and wellbeing centers, displaying call in numbers on door displays helps patients easily navigate to the correct location.


3. Finding available rooms is easy

Typically, the design of digital door displays is crafted to allow individuals to easily see from a distance whether a room is booked or free. In outpatient settings, these displays provide quick visibility on room availability, whether there is a healthcare professional in the room, and whether there is also a patient in the room.

4. Ward status overview

In wards, professionals can receive updates on room status from door displays. Information such as isolation levels, bed availability, cleaning needs, and so on can be easily communicated through these displays.


Axel Health has supplied digital door displays to a wide range of locations, offering seamless integration with our room management and patient flow management systems. By integrating door displays with these systems, the benefits they provide can be quickly realized. Would you like to know more?

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Ilari Laaksonen

Author: Ilari Laaksonen

CEO, Axel Health