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Do you know what computers are good at? Computing. Do you know what optimization is? A mathematical problem. 

Healthcare service production requires careful planning, and the larger the unit sizes become, the larger is the planning effort required. What does it take to produce efficient healthcare services? In simple terms, patients and professionals need to encounter in the same location – and this location also needs to offer the equipment and materials required, no matter if they’re related to diagnostics, care, or medication.

The complexity of planning the production of healthcare services varies from one special field to another. In addition, remote appointments and face-to-face appointments have different challenges. However, the biggest challenge is the size of the function that is being planned. Planning the consulting hours of one psychiatrist is significantly easier than planning the consulting hours of 300 healthcare professionals from different special fields in a clinic with 150 rooms.

In the second scenario, the computer shows what it’s made of. Using different rules, even the most complex optimization problems can usually be converted into mathematical problems and the computer is smart in comparing different solutions with each other. Artificial intelligence and learning algorithms speed up solving these kinds of problems and bring along non-mathematical elements, which allow reconciling the mathematically most efficient solution with human actions in the real world.  

Axel Planner has been planned and developed to solve planning challenges. We wanted to create a product that allows using healthcare resources more efficiently and, consequently, makes it possible to treat more patients with these resources. Using Planner, healthcare professionals get rid of paper calendars, Excel sheets, and other manual communication and scheduling tools. Planner tells accurately what kind of activities have been planned for certain consulting hours, and when and where they take place.  

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Ilari Laaksonen

Author: Ilari Laaksonen

CEO, Axel Health