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Axel Planner boosts planning and helps manage resources, rooms, and devices - ahead of time and in real time


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Planner at work

Axel Planner offers intuitive tools for work shift planning, room and device bookings as well as for real-time treatment path management. Our tools also help you automate and optimize your organization's shift planning and room bookings.

Boost your planning


Importing work shifts from a backend system combined with automated room assignment improves the efficiency of room usage up to 30%.


When work shifts are imported from a backend system and rooms are assigned automatically, specialists taking care of planning tasks will have around 25% more time to focus on other tasks.  


More efficient resource planning can improve the time management of other healthcare professionals up to 15%.

Intuitive tools for planning, management, and monitoring

Planning work shifts

Scheduling all the resources of an organization with Axel’s shift planner tool is effortless. You can do efficient capacity planning based on your needs. Most shift planning systems don’t support specifying the content of shifts, but with Axel Planner you can also plan the content of work shifts and make sure that suitable facilities and devices are available for everyone. 

Shift templates allow you to apply shifts to multiple weeks at a time and save time for more important work. Shifts can be linked to room reservations and integrated to other systems. Work shifts can also be automatically imported to Axel Planner from a backend system.

Imported or manually created work shifts can be assigned automatically to correct rooms at regular intervals, based on predefined optimization rules. Automatically created room bookings can be changed manually later, if needed.

Shift Planning view

Using facilities and devices

Axel’s room assignment tool is used for linking rooms to shifts that are tied to Axel resources. This helps optimizing the use of rooms and ensuring that all resources and shifts have a room they need. The room monitoring tool makes it easy to search for free rooms and to monitor the reservation status of all the rooms within an organization in real time. Rooms can be booked with one mouse click and switching rooms is easy - Axel will guide the patients to the correct room automatically. 

Room Monitor view

Run operations more accurately and manage patient flow more dynamically

Axel Planner helps your personnel get rid of paper calendars, Excel sheets, and other manual scheduling and coordination systems. Axel knows exactly what kind of activities are planned for a certain work shift, where the shift is located, and when it will start and end. In addition, the personnel knows where their colleagues work at a given time.  In Axel, you can create even complex treatment paths quickly and communicate the need to the specialists. Patients can also look up their updated schedule on their smartphone or at a kiosk.

Scheduling with Axel Planner

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