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Software Architect Simo


software architect


Simo has worked as a software architect at Axel Health from 2011. He is responsible for designing and developing new features in Axel and nowadays he also bears the overall responsibility for the software architecture. Simo's role has gradually evolved from a problem solver to a solution finder whose task is to anticipate and guide the development of the whole Axel product family. Together with other software architects, he studies and explores technological solutions and strives to find the best solutions for implementation. 

"Axel is a great product and I have witnessed it in action, helping hospital staff with their work."

During the past 10 years, Axel Health has grown and many things have changed, but certain core values like team spirit, strong sense of community, and care for others have prevailed. In a multinational work community, the atmosphere within teams is supportive, not competitive. Everyone has a common goal and people feel proud of their achievements. 

“Everyone here is enthusiastic and great at what they do,” explains Simo.

According to Simo, Axel Health is an ideal place to work for someone who wants a job in a field where information technology and automation are used for optimizing and facilitating the work of healthcare professionals who put themselves on the line for all of us.  

“In this industry, you get to be creative and you're encouraged to find innovative solutions for different kinds of challenges.“

As an example Simo mentions Axel Planner. There are no similar automated systems for healthcare in Finland nor have the technological solutions used in this product been utilized in a similar way.