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Sanna started working as a product manager at Axel Health in April 2017. Before that, she worked for almost 20 years at the Oulu University Hospital, first in the Neurosurgical Research Unit and then in the operative profit unit. Sanna felt that her research and development work at the hospital was meaningful and important. At the same time, she was interested in developing healthcare from a wider perspective, helping both patients and healthcare professionals. 

"The benefits to an individual person might be smaller, but what matters the most is making the daily lives of both patients and healthcare staff smoother and bringing the benefits to as large a number of people as possible."

Sanna works remotely from her home city of Oulu, but she visits the Espoo office regularly to meet her colleagues. 

“Coffee table chats and corridor discussions are an important source of information. You also get to hear fresh ideas and new perspectives.”

As a product manager, Sanna acts as an interpreter between the world of healthcare and the world of IT.  The ways of working in the healthcare industry develop rapidly, and companies like Axel Health must keep pace to meet the differing demands of customer organizations and to stay up to date on the latest development.  

"The most rewarding part of my job is the opportunity to develop something new."

As an example, Sanna mentions Axel Planner which allows healthcare professionals to get rid of paper calendars and Excel sheets and makes planning more efficient but also more pleasant. 

Sanna feels that at Axel Health, everyone can influence the content of their work and the product and this way help customers solve their problems or develop something new. Sanna also appreciates the shallow organizational structure and the agile organization with a spirit of getting things done. At Axel Health, cooperation is not just a slogan, but a foundation for everything the company does.

"You don't need to be an expert at everything, by collaborating we complement each other and this enables us to serve patients and healthcare professionals in the best possible way."