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Asiakkuuspäällikkö Jari


account manager

Our Account Manager Jari has witnessed the success story of Axel Health since 2018, when he decided to return to the field of healthcare from the media industry. Back then, he already knew the product and company very well, since he had previously worked in a customer organization where Axel was used.

“I knew that the company, services, and product were a real deal, and I had seen the value that Axel brings to customers.”

In his work, Jari appreciates the freedom and versatility, as well as the opportunity to interact and collaborate with customers. In customer projects, he is involved all the way from tendering to implementation. After that he actively participates in maintenance and development work. He finds it inspiring to see how the implementation projects proceed and get completed and how fast customers can reap the benefits in their daily work.  

Jari feels that Axel has taken major steps forward as a product during the past few years. He refers to Axel Planner, an innovative product that is developed with determination and together with customers, taking their wishes and needs into consideration. 

“Room and resource planning has been a very hot topic recently. When new healthcare and wellness centers are being built, customers also start considering how to improve and develop their ways of working.”

Jari finds it also interesting to envision what kind of new mobile solutions could be developed for the healthcare sector and how Axel could help healthcare providers abroad. 

According to Jari, Axel Health's key strength as a company is that employees are cared for and taken care of. Teams collaborate to reach common goals and help and support is always available. He also thinks it's rewarding to be able to help customers run their operations more effectively, which, in turn, improves the patient experience.  

“We can't affect the quality of actual treatment, but with the help of Axel, we can make patients' visits smoother and more pleasant.”