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Asiakkuuspäällikkö Jasmina



Jasmina joined Axel Health in 2018, when she heard from a friend that there was an open position in sales. With her background in environmental studies, Jasmina didn’t know much about healthcare, but she wasn’t afraid of jumping into the unknown. 

“I already had some experience in sales and project work, but I didn’t have much knowledge of the field of healthcare, let alone healthcare IT systems. I guess you could say it was learning by doing, because one of my very first tasks was to give a demo of Axel at a trade fair.”

Nowadays, Jasmina works as a customer delivery manager for Sweden. She feels that people are the best part of her job and she also loves the versatility and variability of the job. In her current role, Jasmina mainly focuses on customer projects and deliveries, and specifying product features. She acts as a link to many directions, which helps her understand the customer process as a whole. The market and corporate culture are different in Sweden, which makes her work and product requirements even more interesting.

When Jasmina started working at Axel Health, the company was doing business in Finland only, but now there are operations in Sweden and Portugal as well. Jasmina has been involved in taking the company into new markets right from the start and she finds it very fascinating. According to her, within the last couple of years both the working culture and the products have changed quite significantly. While the company has grown, the ways of working have also improved – job duties, roles, and skills complement each other better. Products have been adapted and developed to meet the changing needs of customers and the needs of new markets. As examples, Jasmina mentions the new payment features in Axel Encounter and the various options that Axel Planner provides for enhancing resource and room planning. Jasmina’s outlook on the future is positive and she can’t wait to start working with new customers in Sweden. 

Jasmina feels that Axel Health has an open and inclusive work culture and she enjoys working with her smart and fun-loving colleagues who come from very different backgrounds. Many of her colleagues have had a chance to grow into their roles through work and they have also been able to adjust their roles as they have gained more skills and expertise. A common feature to all Axelites is that everyone is motivated, wants to do meaningful work, and is curious to learn something new.

“It feels great to learn something new every day and even if you’re not an expert yet, at Axel Health you’ll get a chance to become one.”