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Self check-in at a kiosk

Axel Encounter makes patient visits smoother and reduces the stress and rush experienced by the healthcare personnel. 

Many good reasons to choose Axel Encounter


Axel can help you reach over 90% automation rate in patient guidance and self service.

150 my

Axel streamlines patient flow management in healthcare services and brings savings up to 150 man years per year. Getting rid of routine tasks allows the personnel to focus on valuable treatment work.


In Axel, self service is just one tool for managing patient flows. When considering only direct benefits for operations, our solution brings up to 2.5-fold benefits compared to the investments made on the service.

Reduce idle time

In Axel, you can easily track the patients who are ready to be called in and the status of their appointments. Real-time visibility and less time spent on waiting will bring significant benefits for your organization in one year - up to multiple man years.  

Quick check-ins improve patient experience

Checking in with a self-service device

To check in to an appointment, a patient shows the barcode on their Kela card, ID card, driver’s license, or invitation letter to the self-service kiosk. If needed, patients can also identify themselves manually, using the touch screen. After check-in, the patient receives a printout that contains the details of the appointment, a personal visit number, and instructions to the correct waiting lobby.

Check-in with a self-service device

Checking in with a mobile device

A patient can also use the Axel mobile web application to check in to a queue or to an appointment. After check-in, an electric printout is sent to the patient's smartphone. In the printout, the patient can find the details of their appointment and guidance to the correct waiting lobby.

Check-in with a mobile device

Versatile self-service devices

In addition to checking in, patients can use a self-service kiosk for many other purposes, for example, check and update their contact information, fill out medical questionnaires and other questionnaires, ask for help, and even make payments with an attached payment terminal.

Self-service kiosk with payment terminal


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