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Axel Encounter makes patient visits smoother and streamlines patient flow management



Patient checks in at a self-service kiosk

Axel Encounter makes patient visits smoother and reduces the stress and rush experienced by the healthcare personnel. It guides and instructs patients and personnel in all phases of the visit.

Many good reasons to choose Axel Encounter


Axel can help you reach over 90% automation rate in patient guidance and self service.


Getting rid of routine tasks allows the personnel to focus on valuable treatment work. Your organization can save up to 20% in personnel costs. 


Self service is just one tool for patient flow management. Our solution brings up to 4.5-fold benefits compared to the investments made.


Reminder functions can help you decrease the no-show rate of your patient visits up to 31%.

Easy self-service solutions and clear guidance improve patient experience

Versatile self-service kiosks

To check in to an appointment, a patient shows the barcode on their personal health insurance card (Kela card), ID card, driver’s license, or invitation letter to the self-service kiosk. If needed, patients can also identify themselves manually, using the touch screen. After check-in, the patient receives a printout that contains the details of the appointment, a personal visit number, and instructions to the correct waiting lobby.

Patients can use a self-service kiosk also for many other purposes, for example, check and update their contact information, fill out medical questionnaires and other questionnaires, ask for help, and even make payments with an attached payment terminal.

Examples of self-service solutions

Smooth check-in with a mobile device

A patient can also use the Axel mobile web application to check in to a queue or to an appointment with their mobile device. After check-in, an electric printout is sent to the patient's smartphone. In the printout, the patient can find the details of their appointment and guidance to the correct waiting lobby. Patients can wait for their turn where they want and they don’t need to spend time in the same waiting lobby. 

Electric printout on the phone screen

Clear guidance in all phases of the visit

Healthcare professionals monitor patients who arrive at the waiting lobby and they can also follow up the progress of patients’ treatment in real-time at their own desks. Axel reacts to changing situations in real time and therefore the guidance and appointment details are always up to date. A professional can view the appointment list of the day at a glance and they can call patients in with a mouse click. The call in information will be displayed on the info displays and door displays of the waiting lobby. 

In addition to visit numbers, info displays can be used to convey other relevant information to patients and personnel.  On door displays, you can see who is currently working in a certain room and check the visit or queue number of the latest customer.

Axel delights young patients with avatars, playful and colorful virtual characters. When checking in, a child can choose their favorite avatar to be printed out on a wristband. Avatars offer guidance and information to young patients and they also play a key role when the personnel calls patients in. 

Call in on the application screen and on an info display

Efficient patient flow management

The Professional’s View helps patient flow management in many ways. The view provides the healthcare personnel with real-time information on patients and on the progress of their visits. A patient who has been called in to a treatment room can be transferred to another professional or their treatment can be paused. When the visit is over, the treatment is marked as closed. In case of multiple reservations, Axel will guide the patient automatically to the next waiting lobby, so the personnel can focus on relevant tasks - monitoring and managing the appointment list and caring for patients.

Example of dynamic guidance


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