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Account manager


Jarkko, who works as an account manager, is a returning employee who came back to Axel Health in December 2022. The encouraging reception and support from familiar colleagues during the first months have made Jarkko's return easy. After a year and a half, he was drawn back by Axel Health's unique atmosphere and working culture. He also appreciates the sense of community and the common desire to work customer-oriented and for the benefit of the customers.

"Our solutions are modern, they work, and they genuinely bring benefits to customers."

Additionally, most of the customers are old acquaintances. Jarkko is responsible for all customers in Northern Finland. His tasks include managing and developing existing customer relationships, as well as implementing new services. Previously, the customer base in the north was very diverse, including large hospital districts and smaller municipalities, with different customers utilizing different functions. The transition to wellbeing services counties has reduced the number of customers, as previously independent customer organizations have all merged into wellbeing services counties formed in each region. Wellbeing services counties bring together solutions in their respective regions, so Axel's role as a service provider will continue to grow in the future.

Jarkko believes that Axel is a functional and flexible solution for many kinds of needs.

"Working with customers is about advancing, expanding, and developing services, not just solving problems."

Jarkko sees Axel's position in Finland's wellbeing services counties as strong, and he believes that the products also have potential for international markets. However, success also requires the ability to innovate and anticipate the future. Digitalization in healthcare is progressing rapidly both in Finland and globally. Customer needs must be listened to carefully, and products must be renewed and expanded thoughtfully.