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Account Manager Jarkko


Account manager


Jarkko started as an Account Manager at Axel Health in June 2020. His tasks include managing and developing customer relationships and deploying new services. Jarkko's customers are located in Northern Finland. The start of his employment felt challenging – everyone was working remotely because of the corona situation and Jarkko couldn't meet colleagues and customers face to face. He has subsequently met most of the Axel admin users and has now a clearer view of the requirements and wishes that customers have. 

Customers vary from small municipalities to large hospital districts and different customers have different functions in use. Jarkko appreciates the variety in his job and he thinks that Axel is an efficient and flexible solution for many kinds of customers.  

“Cooperation with customers is improving, extending, and developing services, not only solving problems.”

Axel has a strong position in Finland and Jarkko believes that Axel has great potential for the international market. 

“Axel is genuinely a good and solid product that is easy to take forward.”

Jarkko feels that employees are taken care of at all times and both colleagues and management are easy to approach. At Axel Health, the organization structure is flat and everyone works together for a common goal. Work culture is innovative and customer-oriented.