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IT service specialist


IT service specialist

Sipi has worked as an IT service specialist at Axel Health since summer 2018. Back then, Sipi had been considering applying for a job in a healthcare IT company, and when his college friend mentioned Axel Health in a lunch discussion, he didn’t hesitate and immediately sent an open application. He wanted to work in a software company where he could improve the reputation of healthcare IT systems and to do work that really matters. In a small growth company, he’s been able to do and learn many different things. 

“In my work, I appreciate the flexibility and freedom. As a professional I can decide how things are done.”

Sipi also appreciates the cozy working environment and nice coworkers, as well as the possibility to constantly develop his skills.  

“Every day you learn something new about your profession. Technical challenges keep you busy, but they also keep you interested in your job.”

The best experiences of customer service work are situations where an initially reluctant and suspicious customer has perceived that Axel actually helps them do their job more effectively.  

During the past two years, the corona pandemic has changed the working life in many ways and remote work and remote working tools have already become the new normal for an IT service specialist. According to Sipi, the future also looks interesting – customer environments transfer from on-premise server rooms to cloud environments, which streamlines the work of customer support and also supports Axel Health’s plans to expand to the international market.