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For patients, Axel means quick and smooth visits without queuing. Axel consolidates data from multiple integrated patient management systems and provides meaningful information for both patients and personnel. When a patient checks in, appointment details can be fetched from multiple different systems and combined into one patient visit.  

Every visit starts with an automatic SMS reminder about the appointment. When a patient arrives at the correct location, they check in either at the entrance or in the waiting lobby. Patients check in at a self-service kiosk using their invitation letter, Kela card, driver’s license, or other ID card containing their SSN in barcode format. The self-service kiosk checks if the patient has appointments for that day. After check-in, the kiosk prints out a receipt and guides the patient to the correct lobby to wait for their turn. The receipt contains details about the patient’s appointments and a personal visit number. 

Not all examinations and procedures require an appointment. Axel self-service kiosk can also be configured to function as a queue number printer. In this case, the patient selects a queue and checks in to that queue. The device prints out a receipt containing the queue number and guides the patient to the correct waiting lobby.  

If the help request feature is in use, the healthcare personnel don’t need to be present in the waiting lobby in case a patient needs help. At a kiosk, the patient can click a button to create a help request and the personnel is automatically notified by the system and they know where to find the patient.

Axel also offers payment solutions - a patient can pay their invoice right after their visit, using the self-service kiosk that conveys the payment information directly to the invoicing system.  

Checking in to an appointment or to a queue can also be done with a smartphone. Before the appointment, a patient gets an SMS with a link to the mobile check-in application. After entering their SSN, the patient can see the appointment details on their screen along with guidance to the correct location. If a patient visits a location where they need to enter a queue, they can check in with their mobile device using the link or QR code visible in the waiting lobby. 

Mobile check-in is an excellent option for situations and facilities where it’s not possible to install a traditional Axel self-service device. Patients can wait for their turn where they want and they don’t need to spend time in the waiting lobby. The patient can be called in even if they aren’t close to the treatment room.  

According to the feedback from our customers, patients are happy to use self check-in and even elderly people learn to use Axel very quickly. The Axel system guarantees the privacy of patients - their name, contact information, and health data stay private from the check-in until they enter the treatment room.  


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