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Axel's planning and scheduling tools

Room assignments

Axel streamlines the planning of work and resource allocation and helps prevent double bookings. Our customers have utilized our planning and scheduling tools in many different ways.

Axel knows the real-time status of each treatment room, thus making it easy to find free rooms. Its room booking functions replace manual room calendars and spreadsheets. In addition to the booking status, Axel shows the booking details and knows when the reserved rooms will be free again. 

In Axel’s shift planner tool, it’s possible to create shift templates that allow you to add multiple shifts for a certain period of time at one go. The room assignment tool is used for linking shifts to room bookings and for making sure that the personnel always have treatment rooms available.

Axel can be used for monitoring the treatment of patients on wards and for planning treatments. For example, in Espoo Hospital the personnel use Axel to plan the appointments for their ward patients. 



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