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Axel Wayfinder keeps your patients and staff always up-to-date on their schedule and locations.


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Axel Wayfinder

Axel Wayfinder guides and instructs patients and personnel in all phases of the visit.

3 good reasons to select Axel Wayfinder

Axel helps patients find their way to the correct location 

In healthcare work, situations can change rapidly regardless of detailed plans. Our mobile application and self check-in devices always guide the patient to the correct lobby, regardless of last-minute changes. No matter what happens in the background, patient experience is always seamless.  

Axel communicates transparently and efficiently

Patients are informed of the status of their appointment all the way to the treatment location. When they arrive, they get a confirmation that they are in the right place. This slows down the flood of questions at service points and removes queues and the need for extra queries. The personnel can focus on their core tasks, that is, caring for patients. 

Axel ensures patient privacy and anonymity

Axel ensures that patients stay anonymous. Axel guides the patient straight to the correct treatment room, so there is no need to fetch the patient from the lobby. The patient sees the call in notification either on their smartphone or on an info display.  

Clear guidance in all phases of the visit

Personnel stay up to date

In the Professional’s View, healthcare professionals can monitor patients who arrive at the waiting lobby. They can also follow up the progress of patients’ treatment in real-time at their own desks and view the appointment list of the day at a glance. Patients can be called in with a mouse click and the call in information will be displayed on the info displays and door displays of the waiting lobby. The system reacts to changing situations in real time and therefore the guidance and appointment details are always up to date.

Professional's View

Patient guidance

In addition to printouts, patients are guided with info displays and door displays. In addition to visit numbers, info displays can be used to convey other relevant information to patients and personnel. Axel contains versatile tools for editing info display content. It’s easy to maintain different types of floor-specific and lobby-specific content, such as bulletins, news, and advertisements. Door displays are used for conveying information related to treatment rooms. On a door display, you can see who is currently working in a certain room and the visit or queue number of the latest customer.

Patient guidance with info displays

Patient flow management

The Professional’s View helps patient flow management in many ways. The view provides the healthcare personnel with real-time information on patients and on the progress of their treatments. A patient who has been called in to a treatment room can be transferred to another professional or their treatment can be paused. When the visit is over, the treatment is marked as closed. In case of multiple reservations, Axel will guide the patient automatically to the next waiting lobby, so the personnel can focus on relevant tasks - monitoring and managing the appointment list and caring for patients.

Patient reservation list


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