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Axel Analyzer crunches data into graphs and reports to improve your operations


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Axel Analyzer optimizes your day-to-day operations and supports the development of your organization’s processes.

Develop your operations and reduce idle time

Bring visibility to operations 

In organizations, it’s often hard to see what is really going on at the operative level. Axel helps introduce transparency to your operations and offers you a set of key performance indicators for managing your operations.

Recognize the need for steering actions

Axel provides key performance indicators for your operations so that you can recognize situations that require steering actions. The operative management of units gets real-time data about queues, waiting times, lead times, and transfers. The key point is that getting this information doesn’t require any extra effort from you, Axel’s monitoring functions take care of collecting this data for you.

Be a part of data-driven management in your organization

Modern healthcare organizations need to collect and combine data from multiple sources. Axel supports data-driven management projects in your organization and allows transferring operative data to your data lakes so that you can establish a holistic view.  

Simple tools for improving efficiency

Data reporting

Axel’s data reports can be viewed in table and chart formats from a certain time range and with certain filters. You can view resource-specific or unit-specific data, for example, number of customers, waiting times, and duration of visits. Reports can be exported into a CSV file and imported to another tool for further analysis.


Room reporting

The room report shows data about the occupation rate and efficiency rate of rooms. The occupation rate is calculated based on the amount of time that the room is occupied by an Axel user. The efficiency rate of a given room is calculated based on the amount of active usage, that is, in addition to an Axel user, there is a patient present in the room.


Utilizing event data

Every event in the Axel system creates a data point with a timestamp. The event data can be used, for example, to track the patient visits from the check-in to the completion of the treatment. The event data can also be used in forecasts and in analyzing and improving the organization’s processes.



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