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Axel - Smartest solution for managing patient flows and resources



Axel Planner helps you plan and manage your resources and guide your patients

Together with real-time treatment path management and patient guidance, our intuitive tools bring efficiency in work shift planning and room & device bookings. 


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Axel Planner

Axel Encounter diligently welcomes patients and visitors

Our digital self-service solutions reduce the stress and rush faced by healthcare personnel and provide patients with a smooth and pleasant treatment experience. 


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Axel Encounter

Axel Wayfinder keeps patients and personnel always up to date

Patients are guided and instructed in all phases of their visit. In addition to a printout from the self-service kiosk, the patient is guided in many other ways, for example, with info displays and door displays. The personnel have a view for monitoring patient flows in real time. 


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Axel Wayfinder

Axel Analyzer crunches data into graphs and reports to support your operations

Axel reports contain key statistics that help organizations optimize and develop their daily operations. The data collected by the system can be used to forecast, analyze, and improve the processes in the organization.


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Axel Analyzer

Agile solution that scales with your needs


We have years of experience in optimizing the operations of healthcare organizations and in solving their challenges. No matter whether we work with a private clinic, health center, university hospital, or some other healthcare provider, the final solution always matches the needs of our customer. Our service model contains all the required devices delivered and installed onsite. The service contains devices, servers, integrations, support, maintenance, and new versions of the applications. Axel can be installed onsite or as a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution.


Axel is a modular solution that can be easily integrated with other systems. Systems that are typically integrated with Axel are patient management systems, radiology and laboratory information systems, and various web-based appointment scheduling systems, but we also do other integrations based on our customers’ needs. We cooperate with other providers and client’s IT and admin staff to set up well-functioning procedures, configurations, and processes.



Axel’s modular service architecture scales according to your organization’s needs. You can choose the features you need and add new features later in case your situation changes. You are charged based on the usage, so none of our customers pays for features they don’t use. You can manage Axel features using a web-based user interface. All Axel views are web-based, so there is no need to install any plug-ins and it’s easy to start using the application.

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