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QA Lead Kavita




Kavita started as a software tester at Axel Health in 2015, after working in similar positions in various companies for several years. Today, she works as a quality assurance lead, managing a team of software testers and overseeing the testing of the system. She works in close collaboration with the product development teams.

 “My tasks include managing the team, defining the scope of testing, finding best practices, and developing processes. I test the system to ensure that it meets the specified requirements and give objective feedback to the product development teams.”

Kavita enjoys her work because she appreciates the work of the healthcare services. She finds it rewarding to help develop a product that improves the patient experience and enables smoother patient flows. Kavita, who is originally from India, also values the way Axel Health treats its employees.

"One of the reasons why I wanted to work for Axel Health was that here I can be involved in improving the quality of a product that is used by the healthcare sector. In addition, Axel Health has the right attitude to professional development, and employees are really appreciated here. My colleagues are also nice and energetic."

Even after almost 6 years, Kavita is still excited to be part of the growing team, because there is always something new to learn and to develop, especially in the field of test automation, performance testing, and integrations.